Cheap Politics

Cheap Politics – a response to a St Petersburg Times Columnist,

Re: Always the cheap politics. Always, by Philip Gailey. Sptimes, 08/27/2006 (Section Perspective)

Cheap politics, Mr Gailey? That is quite a cheap shot…Are you REALLY believing what you said here, or were you merely looking for a flashing title? If it’s the latter, allow me to suggest one more  pertinent: “The Big Lie of Freedom of Choice.” When, shielded from the striving class by your cushioned directorial desk, you write that 25,000 people apply for 325 positions, it’s true; but you deliberately manipulate the facts by choosing to ignore the reasons for this rush. Let me explain to you a simple fact, Mr Gailey: when these 25,000 people tried to get a job at Wal-Mart, it was not because they were thrilled by the distinguished honor of  working for this company; it was  because they had no choice. Obviously you haven’t quite comprehended that, for poor people, a bad job is better than no job at all.

Cheap politics, Mr. Gailey? You could have recognized, although slapping the Democrats’ wrists with some reproving and condescending  “tsst, tsst,” that a comparison between Wal-Mart and Costco was all in favor of the latter. You could have mentioned Wal-Mart’s total failure in Germany, where local discount stores are able to offer to their clientele CHEAPER items than Wal-Mart, while paying their employees quite decent wages, paid vacation (4 weeks in summer) and Universal Healthcare.  What Wal-Mart offers, and what you champion here, Mr. Gailey…(by the way, are you suggesting a Medal of Freedom for Lee Scott?) is fear…Fear of losing the only job available, loss accompanied by the usual cortege of  calamities always hanging at the working class’s coattails, ready to bite at the first opportunity: food, healthcare, and a litany of unpaid bills…No, Mr. Gailey, contrary to what you suggest, they don’t have the Freedom of Choice. All they have is hungry children.

I couldn’t close my useless commentary, feeble words soon dispersed into the winds of the arrogant and egoistic American Capitalism, (don’t read me wrong, I’m not anti-capitalism. I’m against savage capitalism. And that is exactly what many of the American corporations have become…savage, even ferocious… with the open blessing and under the outrageous tax-protection umbrella of this administration), without wondering about your strange omission of one major factor in this equation, named: China.  Mr. Gailey, Wal-Mart doesn’t care about America, even less about Americans. Wal-Mart puts Chinese to work, and SELLS to Americans.  All that for the sole benefit of the Company, and of China. Period. So, please, spare us your “Intellectualistic” rhetoric. It hurts the real workers.  And that is cheap journalism.Letter to St Petersburg Times – Diane Roberts. April 17 2011.